The Family History System

Welcome to the WWW Home Page for support of the Family History System, a set of programs for creating and maintaining files of family information, including relationships, and for printing charts and reports presenting information in those files.

Under the items below, you can find out more about the software's features, its history, and plans for its future. You can download a complete set of programs and documentation, some sample family files, and copies of some other shareware programs that could prove useful to you.

NOTE: I discontinued work on this software in 2012 and have only recently (2018) begun working again on the Windows version of the software. Much of what is on this site was prepared specifically for the last, "Sept 97", update of the original "DOS" version of the software but remains here for "historical" purposes. However FHSWIN has been designed to preserve the functionality of that earlier version. In particular, the descriptions of the Family File format and the output produced by the software remain relevant for FHSWIN. It will still produce a wide variety of reports and charts, some possibly unique to it. The basic 1997 Manual for the DOS version of the software and the sample reports provided here are still relevant. The Windows version of the program provides for printing nearly all of the reports, including the report/chart indexes and other reports that were previously only in the extended version of the DOS software, provided to registered users.

Questions about the Family History System or other items provided at this site may be sent to: