FHS Registration Information

NOTE: This item is only here for "Historical" purpose. I am no longer soliciting or accepting registrations for use of these programs. I do maintain a record of registered users and happily receive and respond to any communications from them or other users of the software. For those who have continued to use or have the equipment and are interested in trying a DOS version of the Family History System, complete sets of the latest updates to programs at the 1993 and 1997 level are available at this site.
The programs provided as part of the public version of the Family History System are made available for you to use without any obligation for payment to the author. Many people should find the functions provided by this basic system to be completely adequate for organizing and maintaining a record of their family's history. However, there are now several extensions to the system that you may find useful. These extensions to the Family History System will only be available to persons who have registered their use of the system by sending $35.00 to:
Phillip E. Brown, 1975 Hickory Tree Lane, Tallahassee, Fla. 32303
Registered users will receive the latest version of all the programs and will be notified of subsequent major updates to the system.

The following enhancements are now available for registered users:

  1. a program for creating sorted indexes for the NAME file (based upon combinations of: Surname, Given name, Birth & Death dates and places, most recent marriage date, Sex and ID). These index files provide enhancements to programs that are in the public version of FHS as follows:
    • Search/Select/LIST detail reports can be printed in sorted sequence (e.g. by birth date or by surname)
    • the Search/Select/LIST program can printed Indexed summary reports (e.g. summary reports by surname or birth place)
    • records can be exported to MailMerge or GEDCOM files in sorted sequence
    • the File Validation program offers an additional option for finding duplicate records using an Index File
  2. a program for producing printed indexes for ancestor, descendant, relative and family group reports, Registers , descendant charts, "box" charts, and for ancestor charts and maps;
  3. an option for producing Tiny Tafel files and reports.
As a registered user, you will be notified of future major enhancements. I do ask a $15.00 fee when you order updates after the initial registration packet. All updates are cumulative, so if you decide not to order one, you will still receive all enhancements to date with an order for a later update.

At this time I do not ask any additional fee for postage to locations outside the U.S. I do request that payments for registration or updates from outside the U.S. be made with a money order or bank check drawn against a bank with a branch address in the U.S.