FHSWIN - Family History System for Windows

FHSWIN.pdf - a 25 page Adobe PDF document describing FHSWIN including screen captures of FHS forms. (This doesn't include very recent enhancements such as the Main Menu "About" option and support for the EVENT record, but does provide a convenient "hand held" format for becoming familiar with most of the information in the following items.)
FHSW Description - a web format description of the operation and screen FORMS used in FHSWIN.

FHSW16 - program and support files for an early version of FHSWIN prepared for Windows 95 (a 16-bit software environment). It hasn't been updated since 2009 and doesn't include many of the features listed below.

FHSW32 - a "32-bit" version of FHSWIN that runs in Windows XP and later versions. This version of FHSWIN has all modifications made since returning to work on it in 2018.

Note: Since I returned to working on "FHSWIN" in 2018, I have used FHSW2018 to denote the developing version for Windows. This will probably continue for the future until I reach what I might consider a "Final" development update. The following description deals more with what users of the DOS version might find interesting. The documentation items at the top of this page will give a better idea of what the new version is like.

This is to inform you of progress that has been made developing a "new" version of the Family History System, called FHSWIN, which is designed to run in the Windows environment. I am also making available programs that have been "completed" so far for those who may be interested in trying them out. Before describing how the new software works though, I should first let you know some things that you will, and won't, find there: