Musical Instruments

The "Baritone/Euphonium"

The "Baritone" and "Euphonium" are similar valved musical instruments in the brass family pitched an octave lower than the trumpet.

The instruments in our collection were purchased on eBay. One is a very old (1915 by the serial number) Conn "baritone" student instrument. It is a "hybrid" with a conical but smaller bore than a true Euphonium. With the three front facing valves and forward-pointing bell commonly used in school bands in the twentieth century, it was called an "American Baritone" to distinguish it from the "British" Baritone with its upright bell and valves. It weighs about 5 lb 13 oz.

The other is a silver, Euphonium with a detachable and rotatable bell. It was advertised as a Conn model 20i Artist Baritone/Euphonium and the serial number places it in 1937, the first year the model 20i was produced. It weighs about 6 lb 15 oz.