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I am an evaluator by trade, and a computer nerd by choice! During the day, I work for the Lawton and Rhea Chiles Center for Healthy Mothers and Babies. I work with TEAM Florida Partnership, a state-level planning, technical assistance and policy support workgroup dealing with prevention issues (mostly child abuse prevention, but with our wide array of partners, we deal with health issues, education, and many others). The TEAM Florida Partnership is made up of representatives from child serving agencies, organizations and programs, advocates, consumers, legislative staff, Governor's staff and community facilitators from around the state. I'd love to correspond with other people who are working on similar projects. (Contact me at my work email, smcnamar@hsc.usf.edu.)

I'm also the Communications Chairperson of the Southeast Evaluation Association (SEA). If you're an evaluator, program auditor, monitor, or student who is interested in any of these areas, let me know and I'll send you information about our organization and our annual conference.

I am a great collector of demented or funny music, especially Christmas music. I like artists such as Weird Al Yankovic, Bob Rivers' Twisted Radio, Nancy White, the Arrogant Worms, and other funny folks.

I recently realized a lifelong dream--I got to meet Dr. Demento in person. The good Doctor is a disk jockey, and has a weekly syndicated radio program. He plays all sorts of funny music--that's where I discovered a lot of the artists whose CDs I own. Click here to see pictures of Dr. Demento and me, taken at the Black Mountain Music Festival in North Carolina.

I also got to see "Weird Al" Yankovic in concert in Atlanta. It was fantastic! Check out our pictures from the concert! In April 2002, I went to Alcon III, a convention of fans Al in Chicago. It was GREAT fun. Al showed up, as did Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, his drummer. I presented Al with an FSU Hawaiian shirt. There were lots of other funny acts, too, that I had heard on the Dr. Demento show. I bought CDs by all of them! See the links page for more information.

I am married to Bob O'Lary, a very talented photographer (he took my picture above) and computer consultant. He has a whole bunch of great home pages, so check them out! One of them has pictures from our visit to Ireland. Another has pictures of our garden gnome, who has been known to travel with us to all sorts of places--he has his own web page.

I have two cats, Sonic and Tails, who are always entertaining. They are even listed on the Amazing Cat Page. You can see their old Christmas pictures by clicking here.

One of my hobbies is making chocolates; I enjoy trying new shapes, middles, and recipes. I also bake, especially cookies and chocolate desserts. Watch out, Godiva! I like to read, especially mystery stories. One of my favorite series is the "Midnight Louie" series by Carole Nelson Douglas, about a cat who solves mysteries. Finally, I'm interested in surfing around the Net to find interesting sites. Check out my links page for some interesting sites.

My e-mail address is susan@bitbrothers.com. Click on the address or the button to send me your comments. I'd like to hear from you!